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La Marzocco Premieres Linea PB, Leading Next Generation of Iconic Espresso Machinery *An Icon in Specialty Coffee Presents New Design after almost 25 years*

For Immediate Release La Marzocco Premieres Linea PB Leading Next Generation of Iconic Espresso Machinery *An Icon in Specialty Coffee Presents New Design after almost 25 years*

Boston, MA (April 12, 2013) Today, La Marzocco, the global leader in providing the highest-quality coffee equipment since 1927, premiered their new espresso machine, Linea PB, at the Specialty Coffee Association of America Expo in Boston. The new design unveiled is an updated edition to the most iconic espresso machine that pioneered the specialty coffee movement’s birth and growth beginning in 1989; the Linea Classic. The Linea PB is named in honor of Piero Bambi, who designed the Linea Classic almost 25 years ago. Piero is the son of Giuseppe Bambi and the nephew of Bruno Bambi, the brothers who founded La Marzocco in 1927.Now 79 and continuing in his father’s footsteps, Piero has had a hand in the design and engineering of every La Marzocco espresso machine currently in production beginning with the Linea Classic.

The Linea Classic grew up with specialty coffee. It built out a historical foundation in America’s specialty coffee movement specifically by being the only espresso machine used by Starbucks during their retail expansion from 1989-2005. Today in tribute to the beginnings of the movement, Starbucks original location at the Pike Place Market in Seattle still touts a Linea Classic. Linea continues to be the steadfast workhorse in leading cafes across the United States and the world.

The Linea PB represents the first major update to the stylistic and technical workings of the Linea. In crafting the Linea PB, Piero Bambi refined and sharpened design elements and fine-tuned performance attributes. The new machine introduces a new level performance, reliability and craftsmanship that carries the Linea forward in a way that is familiar, yet also fresh and new to the industry. Linea PB features improved component longevity and new technology that gives the barista control over functions directly from the machine interface including boiler temperatures, brewing volume, hot water tap dose, and auto-backflush. The Linea PB also features Piero Bambi-designed group caps that ensure water never leaves the coffee boiler during the brewing process, which eliminates instability. A digital display incorporates intuitive programming and simplifies the adjustment of machine parameters.

“When the Linea was launched it set a new standard for espresso brewing. We continue to be humbled by the passion and enthusiasm our customers have for this machine. We trust they’ll find that the Linea PB continues the La Marzocco tradition of great artisanship, great technology, and great design that has been our passion and commitment since 1927.” – Kent Bakke, CEO La Marzocco International

The Linea PB will help contribute to the ongoing advancement of coffee knowledge and understanding, representing the finest espresso machinery with its updated look and featured technology. To honor the Linea Classic as a beacon in the specialty coffee movement, in January 2013, La Marzocco USA launched Linea Love, a social campaign that asked the specialty coffee community to share their Linea tributes publicly in story, poem, song, art work, video or however they would like to share.

The tributes were gathered, curated and shared within the company’s social media channels as well as on the website devoted to the engaging campaign (“We were on a journey, and the Linea was a symbol of that movement,” shares Gwilym Davies, 2009 World Barista Champion, paying tribute to the Linea. La Marzocco will be installing a quote collage wall of the Linea Love tributes at the SCAA Expo as well.

U.S. customers ordering the Linea PB can expect to take delivery in Summer or Fall 2013. The machine prices range between $12,800-$18,900USD. For more information on Linea PB, go to #LineaPB

About La Marzocco Named after the symbol of Florence, Italy – the lion – La Marzocco has been the leader in espresso machine innovations since 1927 – with the first dual boiler, the first saturated grouphead, the first commercial use of PID controllers, and the first to introduce fully programmable pressure profiling. All La Marzocco espresso machines are assembled by hand in Florence, Italy. Since the 1980’s, La Marzocco has helped to build the specialty coffee community into the robust, quality-driven industry it is today. La Marzocco USA, based in Seattle, WA, distributes La Marzocco, Marco, and Mazzer coffee equipment, offering sales, technical support, training, and highest level of customer satisfaction one can expect from the industry leader. @lamarzocco

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