Eve Blossom

Material Change by Eve Blossom

Many of us now look at the clothes we wear and wonder about the conditions at the factory where they were made. The answers--often harsh--change our feelings about these products and lead us to yet another question: are there better options? Material Change is the story of architect and entrepreneur Eve Blossom, who built her design business, Lulan Artisans, on a framework of ecological, economic and social sustainability. Lulan's mission is ambitious: to preserve artisanal traditions; to give workers an ample wage, benefits and a safe workplace; to bring stability to communities by creating jobs; and to provide economic alternatives to human trafficking. Here, Blossom describes her travels and experiences in bustling cities and remote villages in Vietnam, Cambodia and elsewhere in Southeast Asia, as the region was opening its doors to free trade and tourism. We learn how she formed Lulan Artisans, by getting to know the artisans and their designs, processes and heritages.

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