Watch Amber Rose Video- She Asks Us All to Have "The Cancer Talk" with our Parents


The Cancer Talk 2.0 Launches to Help Put an End to Late Stage Cancer Diagnosis FCancer’s Campaign Rolls out New Celebrity Videos Sharing Their “Awkward Sex Talk” Stories & Asking Their Fans to have “The Cancer Talk” with Parents

Vancouver, BC (November 1, 2011)—FCancer, the non profit celebrating two years of work this October 2011, that has already engaged thousands of people to play an active role in detecting cancer in Stage 1, today launched The Cancer Talk 2.0, the second grouping of videos as part of the video/conversation campaign that is backed by star power and a strong message. FCancer saves lives by teaching people how to look for cancer, instead of just find it. FCancer has an ambitious, strong, and clear call to action; motivate Generation Y to make a difference in fighting cancer which starts right at home with their parents. The charity encourages and empowers youth through education to talk to their parents about the early detection of cancer Knowing that 90% of cancers are curable if caught in stage one, this campaign invites GenY to be a voice in the fight against cancer.

After hearing feedback that initiating the cancer conversation with their parents was often awkward and difficult, FCancer knew they had found their next campaign. ”The Cancer Talk” gives youth an easy and fun outlet to begin this conversation by enlisting the help of some of FCancer’s celebrity supporters. What better way to make people understand the potentially awkward yet necessary conversation that they need to have than to relate it to a conversation they’ve already had: The Sex Talk. The Gen Y celebs that first shared their experiences on video for the campaign in Summer 2011 included Sophia Bush, Adrian Grenier, and Wilmer Valderrama. Each relayed their funny, quirky, and awkward stories about when their parents sat them down to have The Sex Talk (or didn’t). In addition this campaign includes voicemail technology by provider Varitalk. The Cancer Talk campaign invites viewers to create a customized celebrity phone call that will be sent to their parents or loved ones to set up a time and date for them to have The Talk. By not revealing what the upcoming conversation is all about, the campaign makes sure that parents’ curiosity is piqued just enough so that they definitely won’t miss the chance to find out what their kids are up to.

The Cancer Talk” campaign ( isn’t just a means to an end—it’s an end in and of itself because it accomplishes three of FCancer’s goals: having their supporters talk about their family cancer history, identifying the personal risk factors & early warning signs associated with these cancers, and encouraging family members to stay on top of their regular cancer screenings, both this year and every year. Simple message: They sat you down for the sex talk, now it’s your turn to sit them down for “The Cancer Talk”. It’s time to make sure our parents are being safe about cancer.

Material Change by Eve Blossom

Many of us now look at the clothes we wear and wonder about the conditions at the factory where they were made. The answers--often harsh--change our feelings about these products and lead us to yet another question: are there better options? Material Change is the story of architect and entrepreneur Eve Blossom, who built her design business, Lulan Artisans, on a framework of ecological, economic and social sustainability. Lulan's mission is ambitious: to preserve artisanal traditions; to give workers an ample wage, benefits and a safe workplace; to bring stability to communities by creating jobs; and to provide economic alternatives to human trafficking. Here, Blossom describes her travels and experiences in bustling cities and remote villages in Vietnam, Cambodia and elsewhere in Southeast Asia, as the region was opening its doors to free trade and tourism. We learn how she formed Lulan Artisans, by getting to know the artisans and their designs, processes and heritages.

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The Cancer Talk


If you thought talking to your parents about sex was awkward, just wait until you have The Cancer Talk. This campaign lets you send personalized celebrity voicemails to your loved ones that set up a date and time to have a very important chat. Of course, we will arm you with all the necessary information before you have the talk. After having this conversation, you will all know your family history, personal risk factors, and that over 90% of cancers are curable if caught in stage one.

Ready to have the talk? Send a phone call to your loved one here.

The Cancer Talk asked their friends to share what it was like when their parents gave them the sex talk. Sit back and enjoy, their sex talk stories might just make yours look like a walk in the park! Click here to see more youtube videos.


Welcome to TINT!

Introducing a New & Revolutionary Color Concept Studio

Offering Affordable & Brilliant Hair Coloring Solutions On Demand

TINT now open in Santa Monica, offers women and men a new one stop shop solution for their hair color needs. Open for business since mid March, TINT is a fresh, new & revolutionary hair color concept studio created by celebrated Westside stylists, Frank Dino and Dana Clark, former owners of the upscale Dino/Clark Salon also in Santa Monica. TINT provides clients with the best basic hair coloring options including highlights, tints and organic hair colors in an exquisite environment at a fraction of what you would expect to pay. This new studio with its state of the art color processors has the client’s desires and schedule in mind. TINT is designed with lounge, lockers as well as an open bar for lattes, fruit, wine and soft drinks Best of all for the busy city schedule, TINT offers color services ON DEMAND and does not take appointments.

How TINT works: Walk into the studio and within 10 minutes, each client has a consultation with either Dino or Clark personally who formulate their color. Next the client is directed to a skilled color technician for application. When finished with the coloring process, clients have the option of drying/styling their own hair at their fully stocked drying stations, adding on a blow out or leaving wet.

TINT serves clients who would like to experience high end salon services but need it to be convenient and more affordable. TINT only uses top of the line Western European color and has extended hours open morning until late evening.

After 25 years in the business, from Beverly Hills to Santa Monica, Dino and Clark assessed the regular needs of their clientele and decided to design the new color concept experience. “So much of the upscale hair industry is about selling image or sizzle. We wanted to just sell a fundamental coloring concept without all the hype. More often than not, the difference between an expensive hair color and a medium priced hair color is your perception not the actual work,” says Clark.

TINT is about providing clients great color in a luxurious environment where you would expect high-end salon prices at a fraction of the cost. “We wanted to design a color business that implements our decades of knowledge and expertise while providing a service that leaves our clients thrilled at the experience and price” says Dino

Another unique aspect of TINT is that clients are able to pre pay for a package of color services at an even deeper discount. “In today’s economy clients are in need of value, especially when it comes to beauty services, and we feel we are fulfilling that need at TINT” adds Dino. TINT is beautiful hair color made simple and affordable. Some fun picks from their unique menu include “Youth Wash” turning back the clock for men, “Zen Color”, organic hair coloring and “California Girl”, the perfect amount of highlights.

TINT 1422B Second St. Santa Monica, Ca. 90401 Open 10am-9pm, closed Mondays.

No appointment necessary, walk-ins welcome.

Color Services Range from $47- $55 Free 2-Hour parking in city lot across the street.

More information at Follow us on twitter @wedyeyoudry


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