Meet our Fall Intern, Blake!

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1. Tell us about yourself a bit and journey to interning at Di Moda.

My Name is Blake Moya and I am originally from Palmdale, CA. I am a born and raised so cal native! I am currently finishing up my last quarter at FIDM in downtown Los Angeles as a visual communications major. I have always had an interest in PR, and was lucky enough to have Diana as a guest speaker for one of my PR classes at FIDM. I thought Di Moda would be the perfect fit after hearing Diana speak about her success with Di Moda.



2. What your favorite spot or area in LA?

There are so many wonderful spots in LA, its hard to chose just one. If I had to however, I would have to say it would be The Sunny Spot in Marina Del Rey, it’s the perfect place for a Sunday morning brunch with your girlfriends!

 3. What do you do at Di Moda?

I have a variety of responsibilities; multi-tasking is a MUST here at Di Moda. My tasks range anywhere from creating clippings and excel sheets to researching daily searches.

 4. What are three fun (and maybe a bit weird) things most people do not know about you.

-I love beets.

-I take my penny board everywhere just in case I have time for a quick skate sesh.

-Im half Australian, G’Day!

5. Tell us about a woman that inspires you.

There are many women whom have played an inspirational role on my future goals and career plans; however, the woman who sparked my initial interest for fashion and writing has been Carrie Bradshaw of course.

 6. What is your favorite Sprinkles cupcake?

My favorite Sprinkles cupcake has to be the Red Velvet cupcake, its heavenly and an absolute classic.

7. What is your favorite Magazine or Blog?

My favorite magazine is VOGUE, and my favorite blog is songofstyle.

8. What do you do to give back?

I give back to the community through volunteer events, such as fashion shows, mud runs, and American Cancer societies “relay for life” activities.