Hub Los Angeles launches, Driving Power of People

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE HUB Los Angeles Driving Power of People through Membership-based Conscious Lifestyle Club Bringing Impact Professionals to Downtown LA

Los Angeles, CA (August 8, 2012)- Los Angeles is about to get a brand new kind of membership club. Like the Soho House and Jonathan Club, there is an application and acceptance process as well as dues to be paid, but the membership benefits are much different. Hub Los Angeles, a conscious lifestyle club, is positioning itself to attract the best impact professionals in the Los Angeles area and globally. The club’s sophisticated, refreshing and thoughtful approach to a community, membership and benefits provide a new opportunity for those looking to act on ideas and be supported by a community that shares their same life value set.

Hub Los Angeles, slated to launch September 2012, will be opening its doors in the heart of the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles, creating an innovative change community that is centered locally with a powerful global vision. Positioned as a beacon of resource through physical space and curated programming, this conscious lifestyle club was established as a business with a social mission to further social enterprise, education, and diverse collaborations across sectors. It will be a place where people working for a better world can quickly access relationships and support to bring their ideas to life.

Hub Los Angeles co-founders, Elizabeth Stewart and Nick Kislinger, saw a need to provide relevant, just-in-time resources for a new class of mobile, creative, socially-conscious professionals in Los Angeles and throughout the world. Hub LA was born with a vision for a new kind of gathering place where individuals integrate their personal values and meaning into their professional lives through daily work-social rhythms, cultural programming, and conscious business acceleration services. Imagine experiencing the type of comradery, collaborative opportunity, and face-to-face relationships of a university campus, but now located in your neighborhood.

“Our tech platforms have evolved, but what would it look like if our physical world changed to accommodate the level of social connectivity, flexibility, blurred lines, just-in-time services, and mobility that we use in our virtual lives? We want Hub Los Angeles to be the answer,” shares Elizabeth Stewart, CEO, Co-founder, Hub Los Angeles.

Hub Los Angeles member suite of services include access to creative, flexible office amenities, lounge and cafe space; an outdoor social setting; a global online network; and access to all specialized programming and events. The Hub’s membership goals are to highlight Impact Professionals; people using their work in the world to create positive social and environmental change, across all sectors and facilitate community and culture within a cohesive group including the recent grad, the entrepreneur, the freelancer, the executive, the business owner, the career shifter, the community activist, and more. Hub Los Angeles speaks to the whole person in its holistic approach to incubation, the application of ideas, and the process of innovation.

Anchored by a physical space, Hub LA will offer 4,000 square feet of creative industrial space in the heart of the Arts District.

“The look and feel of the space is a direct result of a diverse collaboration between big and small firms, all with the vision to see Hub LA come to life. We are working closely with new start-up GardnerDesignLab; Moses Hacmon, a local artist; furniture designer; Haworth, a corporate leader in sustainable, stylish office furniture and systems, and a major sponsor of Hub Los Angeles as well as IOS, a Haworth preferred dealer.” states Elizabeth Stewart.

This new offering, which will be in constant beta as it grows and adapts to the community of members, serves as a highly visible platform; partner and knowledge center to accelerate positive change locally, nationally and internationally. Changemakers (members) of Hub LA are also connected to a global community of over 30 Hubs around the world.

In addition to its co-founders, Hub Los Angeles includes a group of 60 founding members that support this new much-needed infrastructure in the city and will be shepherding the mission across the Los Angeles area. These members represent diverse sectors within the city of Los Angeles working to make an impact in their communities.

Hub Los Angeles is located at 830 Traction Ave, #3A, Los Angeles, CA 90013 and is currently accepting applications for monthly memberships tailored to fit the candidates specific needs, whether it be for community, programming, and/or a physical place to be pushed productively. Hub Los Angeles’ space was generously sponsored by Haworth furniture ( and GardnerDesignLab (

For more information on membership, programming and events, please visit, follow us on Twitter @TheHubLA and like us on Facebook

For all press inquiries and to schedule a tour, please contact Diana Bianchini, Di Moda Public Relations, 310.288.0077(o),

About Elizabeth Stewart, Co-Founder and CEO, Hub Los Angeles For the last ten years, Elizabeth has worked on environmental and social sustainability, with a particular emphasis on water, energy, and social enterprise within an urban context. Prior to founding Hub Los Angeles, she started CAUSEmopolis, a boutique consulting firm to enhance urban places worldwide. She has worked globally in Sub-Saharan Africa and South America on poverty reduction and women’s empowerment issues.

Domestically, she has focused on sustainable economic development, analyzing the impact of green manufacturing and green building trends on jobs, small business, and urban sustainability in Los Angeles and Washington DC. Elizabeth holds an MA in Urban Planning from the University of California Los Angeles, where she co-founded the Graduate Leaders in Sustainability Certificate program and was one of the first professionals to graduate with the recognition. Her strengths lie in community development, cross-disciplinary thinking, and business strategy. She is proud to serve on the board of Liberty Hill Foundation, loves to travel and cook, and get lost in new places.

About Nick Kislinger, Co-Founder, Hub Los Angeles Nick has served the State of California as Chief of Staff to California’s State Secretary of Education. During his service Nick oversaw K-20 public private education partnerships, managed the Governor’s Digital Education Initiative and served as a member of California’s Race to the Top application committee responsible for creating The California Office to Reform Education. Nick also worked at Pegasus Capital Advisors as Chief of Staff to Bonnie Reiss. Before joining Pegasus, Nick served as a Coro Fellow in St Louis, Missouri consulting with local public and private organizations on a variety of strategic projects. He earned a BA from Pitzer College in Organizational Ecology studying the interiors and exteriors of organizations, economies, and people.