September is F-Tember! Donate Your Status to FCancer!


FCancer Launches Month-Long Campaign to use the F Word to Fight the C word

Back-to-school. Colder weather. Rain. Shorter days. There are so many reasons to call this month F-tember, but none as important as educating people about Cancer. FCancer, a charity dedicated to promoting the important of early detection, has declared this month F-tember.

While so many important charities are focused on finding a cure, FCancer decided to take a different approach. FCancer is the first “Generation Y” initiated and social media-powered movement that aims to educate people on crucial early warning signs of cancer and inspire them to spread the word to loved ones who may be at risk. Over 90% of all cancers are curable if detected in stage one, a fact that FCancer is shouting from the rooftops.

“The biggest issue is that people don’t talk about cancer until they have it,” says FCancer Founder and President, Yael Cohen, “so we’re out to change that, to shake things up and really get people talking about cancer before they have to. Our goal is to create a generation that puts an end to late stage cancer diagnosis.”

As part of their social media campaign, FCancer has enlisted the help of their online supporters to spread awareness and education in a viral capacity. Using an interactive facebook application, individuals will be “donating” their Facebook and Twitter status updates to the movement to get the message of early detection out to their personal networks, with a surprising and edgy new message each day. With all of these collective voices shouting the importance of early detection in unison, FCancer’s mission will be hard to ignore.

FCancer was founded in 2009 by then 22 year old Yael Cohen after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. To support her mom, Cohen decided to use the “F word to fight the C word” and adorned this modern day proverb on a t-shirt. The movement has been embraced and the t-shirts worn proudly by celebrities, designers, philanthropists and supporters worldwide. FCancer truly represents the emotion, defiance, and hope of those affected by cancer.

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