World Barista Champion Leaves Windy City for The City of Angels

World Barista Champion Leaves Windy City to Set Up Shop in City of Angels
Coffee Never Looked So Handsome
Los Angeles (July 12, 2011) - World Barista Champion 2010 and Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea's former Director of Education, Michael Phillips, has traded in both his post and the City of Chicago to start a coffee empire beginning in the City of Angels. In May 2011, Michael Phillips  set the specialty coffee world abuzz, announcing on Twitter(@1shot4theroad) he was moving to Southern California to launch a new endeavor with two other prominent names in the coffee industry, Chris Owens(@singleorigin) and Tyler Wells (@tylerjwells). The three have launched Handsome Coffee Roasters which is already developing a groundswell of fans seeking to make Los Angeles the coffee capital of the U.S.
The West Coast is about to wake up and smell the Handsome Coffee in many ways.  Phillips and his partners have set up a Roasting Works facility in the Arts District of Downtown LA. This headquarters will feature a world-class coffeebar and offer a look at Handsome's small-batch roasting works. As a micro-roaster, Handsome will only use single-origin beans, meaning each bag of coffee will come from a unique farm, region or country. This helps accentuate the signature flavors of the world's finest beans. Truly, they earn the right to dub their coffee "handmade & damn handsome".
With all three men being of coffee celebrity status, Handsome Coffee Roasters sprinted out of the gate, garnering international attention and acclaim by offering a "beta" program, dubbed the "Handsome Wager" allowing a select few to buy its first batches of coffee before the company's full offerings were available. Twitter followers of the company were offered a chance in early June to be one of the "#firstforty" customers of Handsome by subscription for the first 40 that emailed. Handsome Coffee would then mail off its first roasted bags of beans for $50 to anywhere in the world. Within hours they had hundreds of emails tallying up from 5 different countries and nearly every state across the US.
With such a huge demand, In mid July via Twitter, Handsome Coffee Roasters (@HandsomeRoaster) will announce a new Saturday subscription series for Angelenos only to come and meet Handsome Coffee as well as pick up a bag of coffee.
Handsome Coffee Roasters also has plans to party like a caffeinated rock star with what they will introduce as the HandsomeTraveler coffeebar later this month. The Traveler offers turn key Handsome espresso and brewed coffeebar & Handsome mobile baristas for any event. The Handsome Coffee Roasters also book for private in home training as well as coffee consult.
"Los Angeles was the obvious stage to put Handsome on.  We are going to come out of the gate making some of the best coffee the world has ever seen... full stop," said Michael Phillips. "With the ideas and approaches we are thinking of, its hard to imagine any other city being a better fit."
Handsome Coffee Roasters was founded on three simple pillars chosen to help L.A. stand apart as the epicenter of American coffee excellence:
  • Hospitality - At Handsome, hospitality isn't a commitment, it's a core value.
  • Accessibility - Taxes are difficult. War is difficult. When did coffee become a challenge? Handsome believes that great coffee should be simple, accessible, and amazing. The menu will be clear, concise and limited to excellence.
  • Uncompromising quality -in source, roast, and preparation. Your coffee will stand with the finest anywhere...and usually outshine 'em for good measure.
Coffee may be most one of the most successful relationships most adults have. Majority of us drink it daily and acquire a deep and unconditional love for our coffee, its smell and rituals surrounding coffee. Handsome Coffee Roasters will open an entirely new world of coffee experience to their patrons and fans beginning in Los Angeles, bringing value in the simplicity of the best cup of coffee one could ever have.
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photo credit: Kristina Coates