FCancer Launches "The Cancer Talk"

FCancer Launches “The Cancer Talk” with Celebrities Sharing Their “Awkward Sex Talk” Stories To Help Put An End to Late Stage Cancer Diagnosis

New Video & Conversation Campaign Activating GenY to Talk with their Parents About Early Detection

Starring Sophia Bush, Adrian Grenier, Wilmer Valderrama & more



Vancouver, BC (June 7, 2011)—FCancer, the non profit just over a year old that has already engaged thousands of people to play an active role in detecting cancer in Stage 1, today launched The Cancer Talk, a new video/conversation campaign that is backed by star power and a strong message. With a mission to put an end to late stage cancer diagnosis and raise awareness for early detection, FCancer has an ambitious, strong, and clear call to action; motivate Generation Y to make a difference in fighting cancer which starts right at home with their parents. The charity encourages and empowers youth through education to talk to their parents about  the early detection of cancer  Knowing that 90% of cancers are curable if caught in stage one, this campaign invites GenY to be a voice in the fight against cancer.

After hearing feedback that initiating the cancer conversation with their parents was often awkward and difficult, FCancer knew they had found their next campaign. ”The Cancer Talk” gives youth an easy and fun outlet to begin this conversation by enlisting the help of some of FCancer’s celebrity supporters. What better way to make people understand the potentially awkward yet necessary conversation that they need to have than to relate it to a conversation they’ve already had: The Sex Talk. The Gen Y celebs, among them Sophia Bush, Adrian Grenier, and Wilmer Valderrama each relay their funny, quirky, and awkward stories about when their parents sat them down to have The Sex Talk (or didn’t). Celebrities laugh, they cringe, they sometimes blush, and share their stories in an effort to remind GenY how awkward that was and how it’s their turn now to sit their parents down for an awkward talk about cancer screenings like mammograms, prostate checks and more. Voicemail technology provider Varitalk and interactive agency Invoke have created a dynamic platform to facilitate this; The Cancer Talk campaign invites viewers to create a customized celebrity phone call that will be sent to their parents or loved ones to set up a time and date for them to have The Talk. By not revealing what the upcoming conversation is all about, the campaign makes sure that parents’ curiosity is piqued just enough so that they definitely won’t miss the chance to find out what their kids are up to.

The Cancer Talk” campaign (cancertalk.letsfcancer.com) isn’t just a means to an end—it’s an end in and of itself because it accomplishes three of FCancer’s goals: having their supporters talk about their family cancer history, identifying the personal risk factors & early warning signs associated with these cancers, and encouraging family members to stay on top of their regular cancer screenings, both this year and every year. Simple message: They sat you down for the sex talk, now it’s your turn to sit them down for “The Cancer Talk”. It’s time to make sure our parents are being safe about cancer.

“FCancer is doing something that no other charity has done before; repurposing innovative and interactive technology to connect kids with their parents and helps kick-off the life saving dialogue about early detection”, says FCancer Founder & President Yael Cohen.

The Cancer Talk stars the Buried Life Boys, Charlie Bewley, Sophia Bush, Hosea Chanchez, Deepak Chopra, Fran Drescher, Adrian Grenier, Perez Hilton, Dan Levy, Terrell Owens, Pauley Perrette, Wilmer Valderrama, and Michael Winslow. In addition, FCancer plans on rolling out a number of new celebrity videos over the next six months.

F**k Cancer is a movement that activates Generation Y to engage with their parents about the early detection of cancer, because over 90% of cancers are curable if caught in stage one. They’re creating a generation of early detection ambassadors who, by learning about what to do to stay healthy, what to watch out for, and what questions to ask, will put an end to late stage cancer diagnosis. @letsfcancer.letsfcancer.com

To view The Cancer Talk and join us, please log on to cancertalk.letsfcancer.com  #TheCancerTalk For more information on FCancer, go to letsfcancer.com, Twitter: @letsfcancer

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