Philanthroper Goes International

It’s Like Groupon for Good

Give $1 to a New Charity Every Day expands with New International Payment Options

Stats Page for Users to Track Donations

Chicago, IL (May 16, 2011)-Philanthroper, the immensely successful startup that promotes charities as “daily deals” for only $1, relaunched today to accept international donations and using PayPal. Now, anyone anywhere can donate $1 to a new charity every day with a bank account or credit card. This news means that thousands of existing international subscribers from around the world will be able to make donations for the first time with a single click.

“When we originally launched three months ago, we honestly hadn’t predicted the immediate international response,” admits Founder Mark Wilson. “From day one, we were receiving letters and tweets from Canada, the UK and Australia, all from excited people wanting to join in and donate their $1. But our payment system only supported US bank accounts. We really couldn’t be more thrilled to finally support our friends abroad.”

Philanthroper will continue to showcase one new nonprofit “deal” everyday. As with any daily deal site, an email arrives in the user’s inbox each morning while it’s simultaneously featured on the site’s front page. With a single button, anyone can give $1 to this cause – no more or less – spanning 501(c)3 nonprofits in arts, education, animals, environment, human rights, and health.

Philanthroper removes all barriers from donation. Featured groups are vetted, and while most sites ask for minimum donations of $10, $25 or even $50, Philanthroper only accepts donations of $1. Plus, once a user syncs Philanthroper with their PayPal account, this donation only takes a single click.

Donating couldn’t be simpler. Users open their email, read a bit about a new group doing good and click to give $1. Then they can share the good deed across social networks. There’s no easier way to make a difference.

Philanthroper is supported by advertisers and never takes any cut from user donations. In response to the site’s hundreds of requests to accept credit card payments and international payments, Paypal provides the most efficient, 100% secure online payment solution for international donors.

In addition to the global payments, Philanthroper is also offering a new Stats Page for donors to keep track of and earn medals for their donations. Stats will provide the user with their full total of contributions made to date (beginning from their first ever donation made on along with a running tally of causes they’ve tweeted and shared on Facebook. Users will even be able to see how often they’ve given to particular categories of causes, like Health, Animals or Environment, and receive medals based upon this participation.

“Just as Nike+ gets people off the couch, we think Philanthroper Stats will encourage and reward people for giving back,” explains Wilson.

Since its launch in late January, Philanthroper has featured 73 nonprofits and has raised over $21,000 for these of charities – all in $1 donations. Their goal is to make charity a habit. And the formula works, as over 85% Philanthroper account holders have already given to more than one cause. The site’s “daily deals’ this week includes MADD, Oxfam, National Dating Abuse Helpline, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Miriam’s Kitchen.

“Mothers Against Drunk Driving is excited to be featured as part of Philanthroper’s re-introduction to people across the world who know that even $1 can make a difference,” said Laura Dean-Mooney, MADD National President. “The dollars raised for MADD through this wonderful opportunity will go toward our efforts to protect families from drunk driving and underage drinking — issues affecting hundreds of thousands of people each year.”

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